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B-17 Survivors, Restoration Projects, and Flying Examples of the B-17

Sentimental Journey
Home page for the B-17G Sentimental Journey operated by the Confederate Air Force, Arizona Wing.

Home page for the B-17G 909 operated by the Collins Foundation. Also home to the only flying example of the B-24 Liberator.

Aluminum Overcast
Home page for the B-17G Aluminum Overcast operated by EAA Aviation Foundation.

Texas Raiders
Home page for the B-17G Texas Raiders operated by the Confederate Air Force, Gulf Coast Wing

The Pink Lady
Home page for the B-17F The Pink Lady (also known as Mother and Country) operated out of France by The Association "Forteresse Toujours Volante". Please note, the site is in both French and English but is a little hard to read.

Sally B
Home page for the B-17G Sally B operated by B-17 Preservation Ltd. out of England

My Gal Sal
Home page for the B-17E My Gal Sal under restoration with The Ultimate Sacrifice Memorial Foundation.

Picadilly Lily
Home page for the "Planes of Fame" museum in Chino California. Currently they are working on making their B-17, Picadilly Lily operational. The "Planes of Fame" museum for those of you who don't know, houses one of the best warbird collections and restoration centers outside of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. This museum houses the only complete flying example of a Japanese Zero Fighter.

Miss Angela
Home page for the B-17G Miss Angela operated by the Palm Springs Air Museum.

The Memphis Belle
Home page for the B-17F Memphis Belle under restoration with the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. This is the REAL Memphis Belle and perhaps the most famous Flying Fortress of all time.

The Swoose
The oldest B-17 still in existance and the only surviving B-17D model, the Swoose flew missions out of the Philippines on December 7, 1941 and served until 1945 being perhaps one of only a handful of B-17s to server during the entire war. Currently under restoration at the National Museum for the U.S. Air Force.

Shoo Shoo Baby
Information page on the B-17G Shoo Shoo Baby restored to flying condition and maintained by the US Air Force Museum.

Yankee Lady
Home page for the B-17G operated by Yankee Air Force Inc.

Outhouse Mouse
Home page for the Flying Tigers Warbird Museum currently restoring the B-17 Outhouse Mouse.

Home page for the B-17 Chuckie operated by the Vintage Flying Museum.

Flying Fortress #44-83785
Home page for a B-17G operated by the Evergreen Aviation Museum. Home of Howard Hughes Spruce Goose.

Fuddy Duddy
Homepage for the American Airpower Museum, former owners of Fuddy Duddy. This Aircraft currently at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, CA at the Lyon Air Museum.

Memphis Belle (Replica)
Home page for the B-17G Memphis Belle used in the 1991 movie of the same name and now owned by the Liberty Foundations. This aircraft was converted to an "F" model for use in the movie "Memphis Bell" and is not the real Memphis Belle. This site has little info on the aircraft.

Home Page for the B-17G Thunderbird operated by the Lone Star Flight Museum.

Liberty Belle (Destroyed by Fire, 2011)
Home Page for the B-17G Liberty Belle ooperated by the Liberty Foundation. This plane had to make an emergancy landing on June 13, 2011 due to a fire while on a flight with paying passengers aboard. All 7 people on board managed to exit safely but the "Liberty Belle" was destroyed by the fire. The frontpage for their site is now displaying information on their new B-17, the movie version of the Memphis Belle.


B-17 Bomb Group Links

2nd Bomb Group
Originally founded in 1918 this group was the pioneers of all heavy bomber groups.

43rd Bomb Group
A site with a ton of information on the 43rd BG which served in the Pacific. While there is a lot of B-24 related information as the group transitioned to the Liberator later in the war, there is pleanty of B-17 information from this "Forgotten War" in the Pacific.

91st Bomb Group
The Ragged Irregulars bomb group stationed at Bassingbourn, England. Was home to the Memphis Belle and many other famous B-17s. A great site with a wealth of information on the group.

94th Bomb Group
The 94th bomb group of the 3rd Air Division. Web site is currently under construction.

95th Bomb Group
The 95th bomb group stationed at Horham, England. The first group over Berlin. A great site with a lot of information.

96th Bomb Group
The 96th bomb group stationed at Snetterton, England. Some interesting information and pictures regarding this group.

100th Bomb Group
The Bloody 'hundreth bomb group stationed at Thorpe Abbotts, England. A fantastic website on a fantastic group. A lot of information on a well designed site.

303rd Bomb Group
The Hell's Angels group stationed at Molesworth, England. Includes section on the famous Thunder Bird which flew over 100 missions. A great site with lots of information.

379th Bomb Group
The 379th Bomb Group was the only unit ever awarded the 8th Air Force Grand Slam, a very unique honor that included recognition of best bombing results (greatest percent of bombs on target), greatest tonnage of bombs dropped on target, largest number of aircraft attacking, lowest losses of aircraft and lowest abortive rate of aircraft dispatched..

381st Bomb Group
The 381st bomb group stationed at Ridgewell, England. A very good site with a lot of information on the group.

384th Bomb Group
The 384th bomb group stationed at Grafton-Underwood, England. A great website with a bunch of information on the unit including individual aircraft histories

390th Bomb Group
The 390th bomb group stationed at Framlingham, England. Some good information on this unit and the museum that keeps its history alive.

398th Bomb Group
The 398th bomb group. A web site with information about the unit.

457th Bomb Group
The 457th bomb group stationed at Glatton, England. Site contains various information on the unit and has a CD ROM available for purchase going into great detail about the history of the unit. A very information rich site.

463rd Bomb Group
The Swoose Group stationed at Foggia, Italy. Part of the 15th Air Force. A good site with some unit information.

487th Bomb Group
The Gentleman from Hell bomb group stationed at Levenham, England. A site with quite a bit of information on the group and its history.


General B-17 Links

Flight Jacket
Commercial site where you can purchase flight jackets and some B-17 bomber squadron patches. Some of the images on our Squadron Page have been provided by the folks at Flight Jacket.

Military Heritage Database
Research site focused on the 8th Air Force Bomber Groups. Over 67,000 veterans are in their searchable database and access to this information is free. Includes some detailed history on individual aircraft as well.

Research site that allows you to search for Missing Air Crew Reports (MACR). Pay service to view the reports but a great site for those looking for more information on relatives and veterans.

History of the B-17
Wonderful site from Joe Baugher's "Encyclopedia of American Military Aircraft". One of the resources used when creating this site.

B-17 The Referance Site
Great site for seeing which individual bombers flew with which groups. Covers the 8th AF only and does have images of unit parkings and logos.

United States Army Air Forces
Referance site for all things regarding the USAAF including research material and B-17 information. Includes unit histories and logo information.


Media Sites on the B-17 Flying Fortress

Learn how to fly the B-17!
Vintage training videos on the B-17. You can download clips of these videos for free. Full length videos are offered for sale as well. Also has some wonderful photo details on the B-17's instrumentation and checklists.

List of B-17 Airframes
A wonderful referance that was used in creating this page. This comes to us from the Aero Vintage Book website.


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